Terms & Conditions

The following T&Cs apply to the Vistaprint referral programme. You can also look at the FAQs for this programme. If you can't find an answer to your question, you can contact us.

  1. A referral ('Referral') will be defined as an online purchase from the Vistaprint website ('Website') by an individual ('Recipient'), who has clicked to the Website via the link ('Referral Link') sent to them by a customer who has registered on the 'Refer a Friend Programme' ('Referrer').

  2. The personal recommendation message from the Referrer can only be sent to a natural person, and not to legal entities.

  3. For each Referral, only one reward will be allocated to the Referrer. Any further or subsequent purchase by a Recipient will not be rewarded and/or be profitable for either Recipient or Referrer.

  4. For each order based on the 'Refer a Friend Programme', a Vistaprint voucher code will be sent by email to the Referrer within three (3) days after the order confirmation received by Recipient. Orders which have been cancelled by Vistaprint and/or by the Recipient will not be rewarded.

  5. Unless otherwise stated by Vistaprint, the Recipient can use special offers or discounts associated with the Referral Link only at initial purchase.

  6. If a Referrer sends information to another person via e-mail, it must meet the general conventions for sending e-mails to friends or family members. Mass mailing, mailing to strangers or any form of action which violates the law or serves commercial purposes, particularly in the form of 'spam', is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate cancellation of the customer account of the Referrer and the referral email will be deactivated.

  7. The amount of the Vistaprint voucher codes for successful referrals can be changed by Vistaprint at any time without prior notice.

  8. Vistaprint voucher codes expire one year after delivery.

  9. Vistaprint voucher codes can be used on the Website for printed products or electronic services, but not for shipping and/or handling costs. Vistaprint voucher codes cannot be credited for sale or shipment of 'office supplies' or products of other companies that are offered on the Website. If your voucher code value is less than the value of goods ordered, the difference is to be covered by payment with a credit card or via direct debit.

  10. Vistaprint voucher codes are not transferable and can only be redeemed on the Website from the Recipient’s account.

  11. Vistaprint voucher codes and/or the set-off amount in case the product or service amount is less than the value of the Vistaprint voucher, cannot be exchanged for cash.

  12. The 'Refer a Friend Programme' and any use of the Website are subject to the 'terms and conditions' of the Website and the 'privacy and security' terms, as described on the Website.

  13. The promotion is administered by Optimise Media Ltd (“Optimise”) acting as a Data Processor on behalf of Vistaprint. Optimise will collect and process the First Name, Last Name and Email Address of all participants which will be used to enable Optimise to issue emails confirming referral registrations, tracked sales and for the notification and sending of rewards. An Optimise tracking cookie containing pseudonymous campaign identifiers will also be used to enable the campaign to be administered correctly. Any personal data held within Optimise systems will only be used for the purpose of the campaign as agreed with Vistaprint and will be anonymised once the reward has been issued and all related administration has been completed.

  14. Vistaprint reserves the right to close customers' accounts of Referring or Referred Customers, if these have acquired voucher codes by fraud or have used or attempted to use the acquired voucher codes in a way that violates these terms or any applicable laws.

  15. Vistaprint reserves the right to terminate the 'Refer a Friend Programme' or change the terms at its own discretion at any time.